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In our day-to-day life,  We watch so many ads from the sellers of Gem stones and as well as from some commercial Astrologers  mentioning that  by wearing Gem stones ( also called Adhrushta  Ratnam / Lucky stone ) all of  our problems will be solved.     In Hindu astrology,  it is clearly mentioned that   gem stones can only show  some positive influence

( if at all the gem is a original ) on our life.   Just by wearing the Lucky stone,  all of our problems can not be solved.    First you shall perform poojas to God.    If necessary keep a Yantra  in your pooja place as per your horoscope.   Wear Rudraksha as per your horoscope  and lastly Gem stone is a supporting factor.  

    Remember my dear friends, “God” only can solve our problems and can change  our lives if he feels we deserve it.    So one has to offer prayers to God daily.


If you change your name  -   Your fate will not change

Some Astrologers claims that  by changing our name ; our fate will change and we get luck/ fortune.    There is no base or proof  for such claim.    As per Hindu Vedic Astrology,   change of name will not change our fate.    Our fate  is already decided at the time of birth  ( due to the good deeds and bad deeds  performed by us  in  the previous Janma.


Can Tantra remedial measures can stop the malefic planets in our horoscope . . ? as told by Shri Shri Shri KURTHALAM PEETHAM SRI SIDDHESWARI BHARATI SWAMY

one of my close relative believes that tantrik remedial measures like upasana,  homam,  abhishekam can completely nullify the prarabda karma as says by Kurthalam peetham  Shri siddheswari Bharati Swamiji.

When  Bhagawan  Shri Satya Sai baba was hospitalised before his Avatar incarnation ;  Kurthalam Swamiji performed homam and other pooja remedies for the recovery of Shri Satya sai baba.    Ulltimately,  we had seen what happened . . .

So many followers of Kurthalam  Swamiji strongly believes that they can escape from ill effects of planets in their horoscopes  and can terminate PRARABDA KARMA.

Now ;  i wish to put a challenge to one of my relative who also a strong follower of  Kurthalam Swamiji.     Birth details of that person are mentioned below.   Here,  what i wish to tell is remedial measures can only mitigate the bad results to some extent.   But can not completely nullified and one has to face the Prarabda Karma results.   

date of birth :  6/10/1949   time of birth :  8.00 pm  place of birth :  podile

as per lahiri ayanamsa ;  now she is running Chandra maha dasa and sukra antar dasa from 10/1/2011 which will continue till 10/9/2012.   this is bad time for her which disturbs health constitution and creates disturbances with husband like unnecessary clashes with partner.
  But since sukra posited in benefic star of guru ” Visakha 4 “  there is no life threat.

w.e.f. 12/3/2013   REAL BAD TIME STARTS FOR HER.   she will suffer from major ailments like KIDNEYS or  HEART.  This kuja maha dasa will continue for 7 years  i.e. till 10/03/2020.   during this maha dasa of MARS ;  her life will end.   

 It is not my intention ;  to threat that particular person.  death is inevitable for every one.   but none should challenge   HINDU VEDIC ASTROLOGY and none should question POWER OF PARASARA SYSTEM OF PREDICTIVE METHOD.



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