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service is our motto :  Money is secondary.   

Hindu Vedic astrology is ancient property of India.   In Hindu astrology future predictions are based on Sun and Moon.    Equal importance has been given for Sun and Moon in Vedas.

 From the position of Moon we can know  birth star and   present Dasa period.   From the position of Sun one can know   Janma Lagna  and through Janma Lagna everything  we can know from one's birth to death i.e.

 1. General health

2. financial status

3. relations with brothers/ sisters, friends

4. education,  own house,  own vehicle, relation with mother,  whether  you will have comfortable living or not.. 

5. optimistic or pecimistic;  believes the god or not

6. debts, enemies

7. marriage and how will be married life and nature of spouse

8. longevity  ( life span )

9. relation with father,  whether gets ancestral property  or earns the properties with individual effort

10. prosperity in job or business

11.  gains or losses

12. sexual happiness  and  travel to abroad.

               Now-a-days selecting life partner is not a easy task for a boy/ girl

In the earlier days ;  there is no much aspirations .     Now total world came to our bed room.    Therefore ; one can have interaction with good or bad as per their choice.      Pre marital sex is not a sin/ crime for the present youth ( male+ female ). Even after marriage also continuing the married life with wife or husband ; husband/ wife wanted to have extra marital affairs.     So many do not feel it as fall of ethics and they are enjoying.    Ultimately ; they need to face the consequences at the end for their immoral activities and ofcourse for one's hyper sexual desires ;    their life partner life also gets in troubles.

To avoid these bitter consequences and to select a right partner who possess ethics and gives value for family relations ;    one should know about his/ her personal character.       I  assure I can reveal one?s  sexual attitude/ behavior by just examining his/ her horoscope.

what i check ?

You just select the bride/ groom by assessing the matching of social; financial and educational status; forget about ashtakoota matching.

Only tara balam is required in ashtakoota matching and remaining not  much essential.    For only tara balam the marks will be below 18  in most of the times.

Keep in mind for marriage compatability   my fee is Rs.2000/-   Having satisfactory marriage compatability of a bride/ groom ;  it does not mean the girl/ boy character is good.

if 12th house is afflicted / occupied with malefic planets ; if 7th lord is debiliated in horoscope ;  if 7th house is aspected by a debiliated planet ; definitely the girl/ boy will have extra marital affairs.

So to check the character of a girl/ boy + marriage compatability ;    i categorised this aspect as Special marriage compatability and fee is Rs.4000/-

Note : please do not think that i am making money.    I never give prime importance for money and i guide people to live hapy life.    i have 5 lakhs due which was done for my late wife health reasons.

Among all personal set backs ;  my first utmost priority is happiness of my customers because they are my well wishers and  bread providers.    I know i have long longevity inspite of  health issues.   Therefore  i wanted to serve my customers with dedication, committment.

Please do understand positively and deposit Rs.30,000/- for Unlimited marriage compatability membership.


you can deposit either Rs.2000/-  for oridinary marriage compatability  or  Rs.4000/- for Special marriage compatability in which girl / boy character also will be thoroughly examined.


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